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Hi guys!!!

How you all are doing? Sounds weird right ….you all will be thinking is this writer gone mad or she does not know what a job of blogger is …?

So many questions ..but single answer hi guys its gaurangi here from other  side of your screen.  I would love to introduce myself . I’m not a professional writer or blogger its just as a law student i love to tell people about my perspective towards things. Anything i m writing is unintentional and from the beginning i would like to say sorry if any of my words are found offensive.

Thank you & don’t forget to share ur thoughts too.







Meri amma

Meri amma

I always used to take selfies with her with cute emojis to make her smile

I always love taking pictures of my dadi because i only visited her sometimes

The detailed showcase of her rinkles in the pictures i clicked made me feel good about buying that phone

As it promised amazing picture quality

That tiny joy of tear seeing us did not need increase or decrease the contrast the details or filters to look beautiful in the picture

That tiny joy tear that sumed up that everything she wanted to say but was unable to say due to dry mouth

As i realised i never stopped by to listen to those tiny stories that every rinkles tell about.

I miss those days when we used to visit her an as soon as she sees us her face lit up

She stretched the lips as far as she could and i swear that was the prettiest smile i have ever seen.

Being the youngest child i have missed those nana nani and dadi dada vala pyaar.

But one day as we knew my dadi was suffereing from cancer all those lil visit memories started comg . After that the first and the last time i saw her just before 3hrs ago of her death . She was pale and tired and she could hardly see me or say something to me due to cancer in her mouth.

At that moment i wish i would have said the unsaid things …i wish i would have hugged like a granny and granddaughter does i wish i would have spent some more time with her …i wish the planned gifts had executed…but now she was gone….and i am regretting for all the undone things we lost her at that night and its 6 months now the same funny selfies are the best memories i am caring …that same ladooo word cannot be heard now.

I wish .

Battles in my mind


We all have a phase where our heart speaks in different direction and our mind in different. Some call that phase of depression , some call stupidity , some call they are losing concentration, some call its because of anxiety and many call it madness.

Yes ! We are mad . Mad in our lil world. Mad to fight all the battels in our mind.

Beautifully written by Debby Ryan

” sometimes the biggest battels you need to fight are against yourself only”

If you are someone does not suffer from lil battles in their mind then please let me how you do it. Because in this current world scenario if there are no ups and downs in ur life just like ur heart it means ur dead.

the hardest thing is talking about your issues. So many of us bottle them in and don’t express ourselves enough. We live with this dark cloud of emotion sitting in our mind that makes us sick.

Battels of our mind does not are only of career , education it can be anything of your social life, your friends, grades , your relationships .It can be as small thing like what would u like to have in your meal.

too many of us tend to keep quiet about these battels and try to fight them alone. We bottle everything up, hold onto it and try to fight it ourselves. But lets face it, it’s so much easier when we have our loved ones there to help us get through it.

For me it was my love for writing and listing to music has been my saviour my whole life. Writing is the only way I’ve felt I could communicate my demons to everyone without being judged or laughed at. My closest friend…

So next time your sitting next to a stranger, in local train , bus , cab pull , or anywhere how about you take a second to think about what they might be struggling with. Give them a smile. That small token of kindness could help change their day, who knows, it can’t hurt and everyone loves a smile, they feel good!!

Spread the smiles because each smile counts.


Title inspired by: Anna chandy (forward by deepika padukone)

Likhe jo khat tujhe..

20171109_160606Hola !!

I m back …

After reading the title you people must be thinking right? But what lets keep that a secret ok ..sshhh n assume that we all r thinking same.

This title is a very old song n my favourite too. But there is a story behind it .because you dont randomly love or like something there is always a reason behind a emotion .

As said by someone each action of ours reflects our emotion.

So lets come to story part…

I love this song because it reminds me of one word “khat” means letter. We people no more write letters to anybody.

Those letters can be addressed to anyone ur parents, grandparents , friends or ur loved ones.. now a days our letter boxes r only filled with bills if u havent opted for online one n some people dont have letter boxes..

Because we love instant reaction so we cant get through letters …

So our generation opted for video n audio calling whatsapp where that blue tick shows us whether other person has got that msg or not …

But have ever experienced the wait moment where you write a letter n wait for days to get a reply . That moments are so special n curious .

Once when i was not having phone n my best friend moved to another city we decided to write letters to each other . Just to ask how we both r doing n how was our exams we used to wait for days to get a reply ..n those moments i still cherish n gonno cherish throughout my life whenever i m gonno listen to this song.

So this is not a end of my blogs but ya of this one sure…

If you loved the concept plz try writing letters to anyone whom u feel to but for once live that moment…


A Girl Vs Society


I’m not a feminist but we girls are fighting against many odds since decades .

Whether its education,  marriage, job , clothing n what not . But still nothing has changed because we people are least bothered . There is a line in Newton movie “if you change nothing nothing will change”

We people need to change our mindsets ,  stereotypes . This seven letter word can change whole thought process , the way you look at things. Now you people will be thinking which word???

Right see i guessed it so well😂

Its “mindset”

This word can change your world .

Let me tell you a small story not related to my life

There was a girl full of ambitions and passion towards her career.

She completed her designing course and became a pretty well designer . After some time she got married that to love marriage.

Her family of maternal n paternal side were not happy because this concept is still new to them . Still she managed everything but after some time she was forced by people to leave her job and be a homemaker .

She did fight against all n left that place.

Now she is the most renowed person on her field n earning well.

She even adopted a kid from orphanage .

Now she is working for welfare of other girls.

This is how the girl fought against her own society .

We girls don’t need your help to do things but we need your support and just be there for us thats it.

We don’t need money but respect thats it






Hi guys …

Hope you all are liking these ..trying to keep these small as possible .

Thank you


Self respect

Self respect is our fundamental right for great and happy life.
Many people say its just like karma what you give is what u seek.
Its power of our mankind. We all deserve self respect thats why we are teaching this since decades in many ways just like by greeting someone u meet , by respecting elders, our land , god and so on .
Self respect is an experience of being deserving and feeling worthy as a human being. Self respect is a powerful force that allows us to perceive the approach of self approval waiting for none to appreciate our existence . Self awareness, self knowledge, self acceptance, and self discipline are the four milestones for developing self respect in life.

Let me tell you my own story…. i am a teenager not having much knowledge of world but still  love to get treated well by others do you know why? Its because we all are human and have some default setting in our machine that is self respect . Sometimes to achieve self respect we assume that having ego is good but it is as dangerous as cancer .

When i was in 7th grade i had some classmates they used to bully me by making fun of my face , by my language, by my grades in class  they always used to make me feel inferior and after some time even i accepted that i m a failure . This situation was getting worse and there was one teacher of mine who made me understood that self respect is not already within us but we need to conquer our fear ,ego  and have confidence on ourselves then n then only we can attain self respect.

We all know the current scenario of our society there are many creatures who do not respect females but at the same time they worship goddess durga. Many females go through this ill behaviour of other humans towards them . That ill treatment does not always  means physical it can be mental too.

If we dont fight against these ill treatment and not learn to respect yourself you can not expect anyone else to do so.

Now its the right time to respect yourself !!Screenshot_20171001-155605